Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bikini Series Results!

8 weeks of the Tone It Up Bikini Series is complete...hooray!!! I am so thankful that I just went for it and signed up to be a Tone It Up Member (review of the nutrition plan coming soon!). I signed up just at the start of the 8 Week Bikini Series and it has really been a welcome change in my life. Exercise and eating healthy is fun with the Tone It Up girls!!

So you may have read about my previous 90 Day Challenge, and I had awesome results, but deep down I knew that the plans that I was following were not the most enjoyable for me. I was doing Shaun T's T25 everyday and I was beginning to resent it. Not to mention, I was basically eating protein and a few veggies here and there. Eggs, chicken, tuna, protein powder, repeat. Boring ALERT! I was in desperate need of a color change! And that's what the Bikini Series did for me. Just see for yourself!

I loved the weekly workouts from Tone It Up. They were mostly filmed on the beach which instantly put me in a good mood and Karena and Katrina are really just too cute! I feel like we need to be friends! Everyday, I was given a variety of workouts and a variety of food. It was impossible to be bored on this plan. I have not been this active in the kitchen in a loooonng time and I am super pumped to be back, whipping up healthy creations! It's my happy place :)

Most importantly, this series was not about 'getting skinny' or becoming a swimsuit model (although that would be nice ha!) but it was about focusing on loving your body with exercise and healthy eats. I also loved how taking my Zeal every morning fit perfectly with this plan. It was my little secret weapon. I needed that boost every morning before my workout because Lord knows I am NOT a morning person! Working out on an empty stomach is rough for me, so drinking that Zeal right before set me up right!

So what I loved most:

No calorie counting!!!!
No gym membership!!
No weighing!!!
Encouragement from the TIU community!
And the VARIETY!

I lost 6 pounds, although my weight fluctuates about 2 lbs so it didn't really mean that much to me!
But what surprised me most was losing over 5 total inches! My under the belly button pooch was reduced by 1.5 inches!! Woohoo!!

And just to get the full effect on my transformation thus far......

Friends. If you want to follow along with me for Bikini Series Round 2, I am always posting away over on my TIU Instagram, so come follow along and get happy and healthy with me!


  1. You look so great! You are inspiring to get back in gear next week after my month of travel and visitors is over.

  2. Thanks girl! I know it's hard to keep up with it all while travelling!!

  3. Love it, Jamie!! Congratulations! I didn't know you did the Bikini Series! I've been a TIU member for a while, but with this stupid thesis work and stuff (or just stressing about it without the working, which is way more common) I've let it keep slipping by me! Going to follow your TIU Instagram RIGHT NOW!!!

  4. Don't you just love the TIU girls!! I just love love love their whole keeps me interested and excited :) Come start it back up again :)

  5. hahaha okay!! You'll have to keep me accountable though. ;) Haha I'm heading abroad for a week, but I'll be with ya straight after xx